diamonds are always a girls best friend

in my case, a baseball diamond trumps jewelry every. single. day.  pitchers and catchers report in 3 days and 21 hours.  yes, i am following a countdown.

best valentine’s day gift ever. it made me laugh. and it was so thoughtful because he knew exactly what makes me happy.  red sox baseball.  and this year i don’t have to complain about the other announcers being incompetent baboons because with the premium package i get to listen to my favorite, jerry remy “the remdawg.” 

i did get in the valentine’s day spirit with a few treats for the husband’s work mates.  i love getting in the baking mood and this is when have celiac is a benefit to my waistline.  i typically pick baked goods that i can’t sample.  i went with chocolate covered pretzels.

it was super easy and fun.

all you need is:
bag of pretzels. i chose old snyders because they were big and thick. (yes, that is what she said! get your minds out of the gutters!!)
white chocolate and/or dark
wax paper

red sprinkles in my favorite pyrex patterned bowl makes this lady very happy.

i hope you all had a fun day sharing the love.