happy birthday sweet, sweet girl

today martha stewart is two years old. of course, in dog years she is 24.  (extra large breeds simply age quicker, sadly, than smaller breeds.)  but today we celebrate all the fun, laughter, and absolute ridiculousness she has brought into our lives these past two years.

from the first visit where she was huddled around a water bowl with her friend, a goat.  i was in love.  seriously, my heart melts every time i see this picture.

from her first day in her new home.  she was a force to be reckoned with.  oh, she was such a hard puppy.  that first year was filled with an emergency hernia surgery, a preventative but necessary hip surgery and a gastropexy (which makes it so her stomach can’t flip which is a deadly situation in extra large breeds).

despite my love at first sight, she left us both thinking many nights, “what have we gotten ourselves into?”  and “maybe this wasn’t the best decision.”  we both realized during her puppy years that we don’t do well with change.  but once you get over that initial hurdle, which can take weeks or even months to find a new norm, boy it was worth it.  she was worth it.

we have never laughed like we have with her.  she is just so damn funny.  her breed makes her VERY skittish around strangers (i.e. anyone other than myself, the husband, and our fabulous pet sitter).  secretly i kind love that she only feels comfortable around us.  it is like our little family secret about how loving and hilarious she is.  she doesn’t let anyone see that side of her.

she works hard all day barking at anything that dares come on “her” road.  she plays hard with sam and even milo.  but she sure does know how to relax.  often, it is very un-lady like.  which just makes us smile.

gosh i am so very thankful for this pup.  she and sam fill my days with conversation (yes, i am that crazy person that talks to their pets!) and always entertainment.

happy 2nd birthday sweet martha stewart.  aka, my mstew.