i was swept away

i had an appointment to get a much needed haircut friday afternoon at 4.  when i was reminding my husband of this, while encouraging him to join me after to get his cut, he immediately panicked.  he told me i couldn’t get my hair cut at that time and i would have to change it to either another day or earlier in the morning.

hmmmm.  i had no plans that friday.  but i could see the writing on the wall.  the husband had planned something for me and i didn’t want to ruin the surprise.  i changed the afternoon appointments to the morning.

when friday morning arrived i was super excited.  i didn’t know our destination but i knew we would be together.  and really that was all that mattered.  after our fresh new hair cuts we headed east.

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the husband programmed my favorite satellite music stations for the drive.  80′s, 90′s and, of course, the love station.  (which by the way, is mostly about breakups we discovered.) i brought kale chips as a snack to conserve calories for when we arrived.  the last thing i wanted to think about during my birthday celebration was calories consumed vs. left for the day.

he found two amazing seafood restaurants for us to try, one for lunch and one for dinner.  we spent most of the day here. alone on the beach.

if you have ever been to the coast with the two of us, this should be a very familiar sight.  my husband and his kite.  he makes my heart smile.

i am so thankful to have such a thoughtful best friend.  this was a difficult birthday and i just needed a day to get away.  he knew exactly what i needed.  thank you dylan for knowing how to make me smile, especially when i need it the most.