to my dear my valentine,
(yes, you already opened your card, this card, this morning. but it was the most perfect card so i had to publicly share.)

i tell you everyday that i love you.  on valentine’s day, i tell the world.

from the very beginning i knew i wanted to be by your side.  you possessed qualities that i have never found in any other person.  you were different from all the rest and i fell in love with it all.

my favorite thing we do together is, we laugh.  every. single. day.  we lean on each other in good times and bad.

it is a pretty amazing thing to go through this life knowing that no matter what, someone else in this world has your back.  you got me.  that sense of calm you provide me is unmatched.  it is true,  home is wherever i am with you.

thank you for loving me.  thank you for supporting me in ways i never thought i deserved or could have imagined.  you always say this thing to me when i am brokenhearted about our struggles, as i am typically rolling my eyes, “we can do anything as long as we are together.” i am starting to believe you.

and gosh. you sure are easy on the eyes.  i love when we are out with friends or family and our eyes meet from across the room.  i always feel butterflies of excitement because for an instant i recognize that you are mine.  and i am yours.

and those kisses.  i melt.

i am so grateful to have not such a strong marriage, but so incredibly thankful to have such an amazing best friend.  i love you today, just like yesterday, and for the rest of our tomorrows.

happy 11th valentine’s day.