meet our new ladies!

with the absence of our rooster the ladies are adjusting.  finding a new pecking order and hopefully growing some feathers back.  while they are adjusting we thought it a perfect time to introduce three new ladies.  
i didn’t want to raise baby chicks again, it was fun but smelly and a lot of work.  the smell is still fresh in my mind and it will be several years before i do that again.  seriously, baby chick poop is awful.  and it is in your house.  our local feed store was selling 10 week old ameraucanas (aka easter eggers).  i jumped at the opportunity.  we love our blue eggs from our sole ameraucana and can wait to see what colors our new ladies will add to our collection.
so without further babble, our new ladies.
from front to back: dolly parton, stevie nicks, and then tina “turtle” turner hiding. i went with my favorite singers growing up and, lets keep it real, still today.  
tina “turtle” turner is the smaller in the corner hiding behind stevie nicks.  when i was a kid i pronounced or really thought that tina turner’s name was tina turtle.  as you can imagine, it was a big family joke growing up.

there is definitely a difference in the behavior of the hens i have raised since day one of their life and these ladies.  they are terrified of me and very skittish.  i am hoping that after a few days of adjusting to their new surroundings and lots of treat visits they will start to recognize me as not a threat.
it is quite the difference.  i come outside, blueberries in hand, and the original ladies come running to me while the new gals hide in the corner of their crate.  i do hope they come around.  speaking of the crate, we are slowing introducing the new ladies to the older ones.  this crate provides safety for the younger ones while allowing the entire flock to “get to know each other.”  we are currently constructing a larger “isolation” zone that i am looking forward to posting about soon.
so for now we are adjusting.  new hens.  no rooster.  all while the eggs keep coming.  all is well.