peanut butter + banana = love.

during my “ice cream can cure everything” week, the husband and i stopped at a cookout for their famous milkshakes.  it had been a while and boy it was worth every. single. calorie.  i had the peanut butter and banana shake.  let me just say, for three days now i have been trying to recreate the deliciousness without all the fat and calories.  today i came really close.

like.  this is for real good.

here are the ingredients:
1 frozen banana. 105 calories
6 oz light, fat free vanilla yogurt. 80 calories.
1/2 cup milk. i used silk almond milk unsweetened vanilla. 20 calories. (almond milk is amazing for smoothies. it gives the creamy texture of milk with hardly any calories. 35 calories for 1 cup!)
1/4 cup peanut butter. to avoid the large amount of calories (380 for 1/4 cup) in regular peanut butter, i reached for my peanut flour from trader joe’s. 1/4 cup is 110 calories.


for every ingredient this is a 315 calorie shake. i never count fruit because, well, have you ever heard of someone becoming obese from bananas.  no.  and that way i am encouraged to eat as many blueberries as i want. so for my calorie count it was a 210 shake. beautiful either way.

if you are like me and love peanut butter, treat yourself and your waistline.