running and a hint

this morning i laced up the running shoes.  squeezed the girls into the sports bra.  charged up my ipod with sweet jams.  and i ran.

i didn’t put pressure on myself.  my only goal, to get outside and move.  it didn’t matter how far or how fast.  to just do something.  the past couple of days getting out the door just seemed impossible so that was the goal.

this is after i made it back home.  please excuse everything about this picture other than the fact that it shows a hot mess that just got done running.  in my interval running/walking it usually takes me 12-13 repetitions from the first step out the door to the last step back home.  today, i made it in 6!  it felt great.  there were moments of pain.  moments where i didn’t think i could take another breath. it was perfect because now i can start my day knowing that i pushed myself.  hard.

maybe i had that extra push because we finalized our finale trip plans last night!!  i am wrapping up the contract today and will reveal tomorrow.

here is a hint:

this is sitting in my refrigerator right now.


Yay! I'm excited to hear about Jamaica!