saving 400 dollars in one afternoon

if you are a dog owner then this post is for you.  if you have large breed dogs then this post is for you.  if you are not a dog person, please stop reading.

to have our martha stewart, a great pyrenees, and sam, our golden retriever, groomed it costs anywhere from $400 to $500.  yes. you read that correctly.  it hurts just thinking about it.  but they must be groomed.  their hair, nails, ears, and teeth all need maintenance.  we ordered around $100 of grooming supplies and got started.

first we gathered all the tools.  a variety of brushes.  martha stewart and sam have completely different types of coats and need different tools.

sam was up first.


and after.  i kept apologizing to him and promising i would get better with practice.

he gladly accepted my apologies.  along with treats.  always such a happy boy.

next up, our diva.  martha stewart.


after.  she was a trooper.  her double coat is something to marvel at.  it is silky soft but so incredibly thick.

our sweet girl.  happily,  you can now see her sweet flower collar made by her namesake, the human martha stewart.

after this afternoon of fun, we celebrated our savings ($$$) by chilling out in front of the fire.  a perfect way to spend an evening.


Wow, wow, wow. Had no idea grooming cost that much. Feeling grateful for my dogs' sleek short grooming free coats! (makes the cost of their ACL surgeries seem not so bad, amirtized over time)