spring garden 2012

i mentioned yesterday that we have started our 2012 spring garden.  i love seeing progress pictures so here is the start of our 2012 garden year.

our blueberry bush walkway. need 2 – 3 more bushes.

our long raised garden bed.  filled with onions, cabbage, romaine lettuce, head lettuce, broccoli and soon sugar snap peas along the back.  and strawberries from last year at the end.

swiss chard anyone?  i don’t know that i have ever eaten swiss chard but it is so beautiful that i wanted to try.  so if you have any recipes send them over.  also brussel sprouts are in this box.

oh how i am excited about our blueberry bushes. as are the chickens.


I'm so jealous-it's still too cold here in the VA mountains to put anything in the ground. I'm getting my fix threough daffodils for a few more weeks until I can get out there and get the garden started. We are going to do blueberries too. Any tips? We have blackberries naturally growing in our backyard. How cool is that?? :)


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