the best part

the best part of running in the morning is …

waking up early enough to make breakfast for me and the husband.  egg cups.  54 calories for the egg white/whole egg plain cup.  69 calories for an egg cup with the addition of a slice of ham.  i started my day off with 2, 54 calorie each cups. plus 2 big glasses of water.

coming home after a run.  crossing my “finish line” is the best feeling.  especially when i know i had a good run and really pushed myself.  i congratulate myself by doing a little of this.  hammock + chickens + endorphins = a great way to start the morning.

and then post run snack.  i do love to eat. 50 calorie banana and strawberry yogurt. 50 calorie light string cheese.

of course, a little pinterest motivation and inspiration while enjoying my post run snack.

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