there are 5 stages

five stages of running that i have determined to be true no matter your level.  your distance.  your stamina.

number one:
an hour before running - i don’t want to run today.

number two:
5 minutes before running - i am pumped! let’s do this!

number three:
while running - can’t breath.  must. keep. moving.  focus on the music and run with the rhythm. please don’t die.

number four:
5 minutes after running - everything is amazing! i love running! life is awesome! i could run everyday for the rest of my life!!

number five:
an hour after running - i. am. going. to. die.

today i am hurting.  i have taken number five to instead of “an hour after running,” to “a day.”  last night my hip starting killing me and this morning i will add my left knee, right ankle, right hip, lower right back and a little bit of a cold and sore throat.

good news, yesterday i pushed myself.  i actually sprinted up hills instead of the ridiculous, painfully slow “running” i was doing.  i made the decision that if i could get up the hills faster than they wouldn’t hurt as bad.  very true in the moment and especially after i finished the run.  boy i felt amazing!  now i am hurting.

today will be spent taking ibuprofen, working on my many, many etsy orders!, and spending quality time in my hammock.

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hopefully tomorrow will be a less painful day.  if not, to the pool i go.

Sarah P
Sarah P

Oh my gosh you are DEAD RIGHT on this list. I also have a number 3.5: Bargaining. This is where I irrationally tell myself things like "If I just keep running, world peace will occur."


Too funny! Absolutely, I am all about irrationally promising myself anything to keep up the pace. Or to just get off the couch.