weekly menu

this weekend we are firming up our finale trip plan. new goals are set and they are going to be more than a challenge.  but i am excited about having a countdown.  i do well under pressure and with a goal set.  i am super excited to share … but you will have to wait a little bit longer :)

this week soups and stews are on my mind.  they are great for weight loss and i am taking advantage of this cold weather! plus two meals are made in the crock pot which i love.  a couple of vegan recipes and mostly all vegs which is another great way to fill up quicker with extra fiber.

breakfast:  2 egg cups.
lunch: pb2 smoothie. rice cakes with laughing cow cheese. small spinach salad.
dinner: crock pot chickpea, butternut squash, red lentil stew.

breakfast: 2 leftover egg cups.
lunch: leftover chickpea stew.
dinner: the husband has a soccer game so it is fend for yourself night.

breakfast: oatmeal with berries.
lunch: leftover chickpea stew.
dinner: book club night! i am bringing a 5 layer greek dip and some Valentine’s Day treats, i may or may not share the dip.

breakfast: yogurt and a luna bar
lunch: huge spinach salad: raspberry vinaigrette + broccoli + cauliflower + chickpeas = yum!
dinner: cream-less, homemade tomato soup.

breakfast: oatmeal with berries
lunch: leftover tomato soup.
dinner: scrambled eggs. husband gets the biscuits with honey. i get side of oatmeal or yogurt.

breakfast: yogurt and a luna bar.
lunch: smoothie for me. sandwich for the husband.
dinner: out with family :)

brunch: oatmeal, whole grain pancakes with lots of blueberries. hold the syrup for me and add extra berries.  
dinner: crock pot black bean soup.

Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding Cups
Atomic Fireballs
Oven Dried Strawberries
Luna Bars
100 calorie Trader Joe’s Chocolate Bars
Hummus with Quinoa Crackers