weigh in monday

happy monday all! i hope you all had an enjoyable and productive weekend.  we sure did.  saturday we slept in (both of us are trying to get over being sick) and quickly headed to the feed store for spring garden supplies.  swiss chard, romaine and head lettuce, cabbage, onions, brussel sprouts, and broccoli.  along with 4 blueberry bushes.  sugar snap peas should be delivered today.  after all that shopping in the fierce wind, we decided it best to stay indoors and have a fringe marathon.

sunday we woke up early to start clearing out the garden from last fall.  tilling and planting.  i cleared out a flower bed of iris bulbs (my not at all joking estimate: 1000 bulbs!).  then we planted our new blueberry bushes.  oh i am so excited about fresh blueberries.

i love having a productive day outside in the sun.  getting exercise without even thinking about it.  drinking lots of water not because you are trying to reach your quota but because you are working hard and built up a thirst.

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so now it is monday which means weigh in time.  i knew it was going to be a good week when by thursday i had lost 3 pounds.  but the weekends are always difficult for me.  we typically will eat out.  do something (around food) with friends.  basically i get off my weekday routine.  but i had a good feeling.

i lost a total of 5 pounds last week!!  i am beyond excited.  last night we were both so tired that we reached for our “emergency only” gluten free frozen pizza.  we can easily put away the entire thing … in all honestly it isn’t that large.  but half is 820 calories.  with weigh in day the next morning i opted for a 410 calorie portion and a 60 calorie yogurt.  man i wanted to eat the other two slices so badly!  when my husband was feeling bad i told him i knew 5 pounds was within reach so i needed to keep that in mind more than the last two pieces.  he told me that in his eyes i had already lost those 5 pounds just because of that decision.  well that was sweet and all, but i really wanted to see that number on the scale.  completely worth not eating those two pieces of pizza.

here are my current numbers:
total lost since june 2011: 54 pounds
grand total lost since 2009: 94 pounds
total weight needed to lose for jamaica finale trip: 36 pounds to go

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fun goals that are super close to reaching:
4 more pounds lost and i will be at the weight i was when the husband and i first met.  in 2001.
6 more pounds lost and i will have lost a grand total of 100 pounds!
19 more pounds lost and i will finally be in ONE-durland.

what i did this week:
stuck to my calorie intake. this meant leaving food on my plate when we went out to eat. i don’t remember the last time food was left on my plate.  breaking the “clean plate club” mentality is a hard thing to do.
drank lots of water.  between the two of us, almost a gallon a day.
i ran 3 mornings before i hurt myself.  my right hip and lower right back are still causing lots of pain.
eat all meals, except for 2 at home.

when i was exercising i had this guy in my head:

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i love watching the biggest loser.  for the first time since the show started i am not at a weight where the contestants start from.  i am at a weight they get excited to reach.  i love bob harper.  but dolvett is also amazing.  both inspire me and get in my head to push just a little bit further.  it was dolvett’s voice that got me up those hills while sprinting like a damn fool.

Melissa A.
Melissa A.

Great work Kelsi! So impressed! Keep it up! :)