weigh in monday

this week started off terrible. i didn’t run monday.  then tuesday.  then wednesday.  i didn’t eat great.  an entire container of hummus may have disappeared in one sitting.  (who knew hummus would be my go to comfort food?!)  but thursday i felt the motivation again.  i ran thursday.  friday.  and again on saturday.

i really love running.  it is therapy.  each step forward is a choice to be brave.  to show strength.  to realize that my future is brighter than my past.

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total lost this week: 3 pounds.  total since starting up in 2011: 49 pounds.  grand total: 89 pounds.  11 pounds away from the big 100 pound mark. 

planning this trip helped find my motivation.  i do so. much. better. with my goals when i have a countdown towards something i am really looking forward to. this trip is more than an extravagant vacation.  it represents all of my hard work individually but also to celebrate working together.  couples that go through infertility and miscarriages statistically don’t have a long shelf life.  some days the pain is so great that you just want to hide in a corner but you can’t shut each other out.  it is the most rewarding and most difficult thing.  it is not easy.  this trip is a way of celebrating the tremendous work we have put into our marriage.

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