weigh in monday

with only one day of exercise, lots of stress, not a lot of sleep, i was not looking forward to weighing in today.  but i did and was pleasantly surprised to see minus 2 pounds.  i will take it.

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losing 6 pounds in the past two weeks is exciting so i will continue on.  pushing for next week to be more.  things are slowly settling down in the chicken coop, so i am hoping to get more sleep, more rest, and more exercise.

and since i have been up since 6am and been more productive before noon than any day i can remember, i thought we could all use a smile.

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this is true is almost every. single. way.

and while i was up at 6am with the chickens, i decided to finally make little egg cups for breakfast.  portion control at its finest.  93 calories per cup.  next time (i forgot at the grocery store) i will use half eggs and half egg whites to drastically cut the calories.  but seriously, they were yummy and completely good for you.  and just has kept me full and going until, well, now.

to make six:
3 slices of ham cut in half. i used organic trader joe’s.
5 eggs. from just outside my window :)
1/4 cup cheddar cheese sprinkled on over all 6 egg cups.
salt and pepper to taste.

preheat oven to 350 degrees.
whisk eggs.
spray a little cooking spray in muffin cups. add slices of ham.
pour eggs into muffin cups.
sprinkle with cheese.
approximately 20 minutes in oven or until eggs are set.

best part, i have two leftover for tomorrow.  (yes, the husband ate three for breakfast! i think he is a fan of me making breakfast for him in the mornings.)