weigh in monday

although it is my birthday, it is more importantly monday which means it is weigh in day.  it turns out my work last week resulted in a great birthday present to myself.  4 pounds lost.

4 pounds in one week. it is a sense of accomplishment that i desperately needed. it is motivation that i can continue to do this and reach my goal. it shows continued determination that i will not fail myself even though it feels like my body is constantly trying to fail me. everyday i wake up stronger than the day before.

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my grand total lost is 84 pounds.  44 since june 2011 when i committed myself to a healthy lifestyle.  it is so difficult.  it is so worth it.  i am so happy to be back on track.

i am still struggling to workout everyday.  the drive is not where it once was but i can slowly feel myself finding that part of me again.  the foggy black cloud i felt after this third miscarriage is slowly but surely disappearing.  i have no choice but to move forward.  i know what it is like to lose an entire year of your life just existing.  not again.  
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i lost the four pounds by cutting calories.  drinking lots of water.  and watching every single thing i put into my body.  i splurged during a birthday beach trip (more later about my birthday fun!) with ice cream and a chocolate covered marshmallow and then again with chocolate ice cream for dessert at a birthday dinner with family.  evidence that we can lose weight and not deprive ourselves of enjoying foods.  it is all about portions.
goals this week are to keep the momentum going.  exercise, exercise, exercise.