black beauty

yes. my new blender has a name.  introducing, black beauty.  and people. i am in love.  serious. love.  like head over heels.

when i first started making green smoothies, everyone on the internet, yes everyone, just went on and on about vitamix blenders.  but with that price tag, seriously.  no one actually spends that much on a blender.  my kitchen aid blender is wonderful.  a green smoothie blender it was not.  so i stuck with fruit smoothies and occasionally would add some spinach and just down the chunks.  when i hit the big 100 pounds lost milestone, i decided the best reward would be something for my health.  my mind immediately went to this blender.  oh, how i have wanted one so badly.

well hello there beautiful. welcome home.

i love that i am now part of the vitamix family.  in the 3-ring binder (!!) i learned that i totally underestimated the amazingness of the vitamix blender.  excuse me, black beauty.  want to make bread but don’t want to knead it?  throw it in the vitamix.  chutneys, sure.   green smoothies, with ingredients like an entire head of broccoli, why not?!  is juice your thing, its got ya covered. don’t worry about peeling before juicing, you want definitely want the fiber in the skin to keep you fuller, longer. so for apple juice, just throw in a cored apple.  want to make your own soy or rice or almond milk.  there is a recipe for each.  nut butters.  jams.  sauces.  desserts.

last night i made the husband and i our first green smoothie.  it was amazing.  black beauty did not disappoint.  and i had her up on a pedestal.  this morning i was at it again.  here are the goods.

literally, 4 seconds later.  for perspective, to get this color and consistency, it was about 7 minutes in the kitchen aid.  take 30 second breaks because the motor would get so hot.

i know the color is kinda gross.  but i feel amazing drinking green smoothies consistently, so the color quickly because beautiful.  i associate “green” with health now.  kinda cool.  basically, this action shot demonstrates the wonderful consistency and no spinach chunks!

my “greens and sweets” morning recipe:
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1 cup spinach – 1 big handful
1 cup mango, strawberry, pineapple frozen fruit mix, unsweetened
1 fresh banana
handful of ice

yes, this is a beautiful pairing.  a great reward for my accomplishment while encouraging me to keep it going.  because this is less about the number on the scale and so much more about how i feel.  the more fruit and vegetables in my body, the better.  


We bought our Vitamix several years ago, and I swear by it. So many people are like, how much did you pay for it??? They just don't get it. You can't until you try it. And forget about using other blenders after this blender. Ha! We love our green smoothies each morning, and our recipes are pretty similar, too. Enjoy!