book club at the movies

my book club is so, so great!  we always eat great food.  we always have a blast together.  and most months, the books we read are wonderful!!  the last two months we have been reading the hunger games series.  if you remember from an earlier post, i am a little obsessed with the books.  they are phenomenal.  i can not recommend them enough.  most people, me included, say when i recommend them, “but i am not interested in reading a book about kids killing kids.”  give it a try.  it is about so much more.  it is power struggles.  relationships.  a hero.  resiliency.  
so here is our group, we have added a few members since the last movie outing.  we missed a couple that couldn’t make it.  i am totally biased, but we are a fun group of ladies.

and because sweet abby did not want to be in the picture, something about moving and not being blog-worthy cute, i vowed to do a little write up specifically about her.  abby is our nutritionist of the group, she probably has a more fancy title but basically, nutrition is her profession.  abby, it was beyond encouraging having you compliment me on my weight loss.  from a professional, it means so much.  the encouragement to continue taking my time, not rushing on a “restriction” or “fad” diet, but focusing on nutrition as a tool for weight loss.  it meant so much.

because we are a silly group that all love and support the district uprising, our nod to katniss.

and because it is now fun to do so, a look back at our first book club at the movies.  this was right before our boston trip, my first 30 pounds lost.  i remember loving this picture because i could start to see real changes.  now i am just amazed.  
we are off for a super adventurous weekend.   i can’t wait to share on monday.   look for a homemade “cliff bar” recipe as well!  healthy snacks for road trips.  hope you all have a wonderful weekend.