getting to know our capital

in 2010 the husband and i were in chicago.  we saw a group of segway travelers touring the city and immediately thought that looked like the most fun.  we went to check it out only to realize that i was too heavy (i.e. the wheels would immediately exploded if i stepped on) and therefore couldn’t ride.  this isn’t the first time my weight has stopped us from an adventure.  but i am working my butt off to make sure moments like this don’t fill my future.

for christmas i gave the husband (and myself) a groupon for a segway tour in our capital.  i saw the coupon and cautiously called to see what the weight requirements were.  in my best charlie sheen impression “WINNING!” i could officially ride!

we lived in raleigh for  seven years and i love going back to visit.  plus i think it is fun to do touristy things where you live.  so this past saturday we geared up in our wolfpack colors and headed downtown.

first we had to learn how to ride.  seriously, it was more tricky that i had imagined.  balance and myself have not always been good friends.  plus after you go the hang of going forward and stopping, you had to practice turning by going around in figure eights.  anything with cones involved scares me.

the husband and i both passed the introduction course and were geared up to go outside.  on the street.  with cars.  and pedestrians.

here we are on a beautifully sunny saturday at the capital building.

big smiles the entire time.

they seriously are the most fun.  i have vowed to do a segway tour in every city i visit.  so look out chicago and new york folks! kelsi is planning on two wheeling it!

it was such a great day on many levels.  i know that i have accomplished so much more than losing pounds on a scale.  i am gaining my life back.  a real life, where i am doing thing.  what is there not to smile about?!

Sarah P
Sarah P

That is AWESOME! I always see that tour going by and wondered where it went. Maybe I'll be brave enough to give it a chance while we still live nearby :)

Dana - Old Red Barn Co.
Dana - Old Red Barn Co.

looks like a blast! were they hard to figure out how to use?


Dana, they were so much fun! It took about 10 mins or so to get the hang of it. In no time we were comfortable and just having a blast!