last chance workout

sunday mornings i typically wake up in a bad mood.  i don’t want to workout.  but i know it is my last day before weigh in so every last calorie burned will count.  my strategy is to get the workout in early which usually means a run since our gym doesn’t open until 1 on sundays.  hello bible belt!  with a not 100% ankle, a run wasn’t going to happen.

the husband had an idea that i loved!  him: lets go work out in the yard for a couple hours and count that as our workout. then we can go to an afternoon movie.  me: yes! i won’t have to go to the gym.  team wilson for the win!

this is what we started with. lots of green.  and not the good kind.

a pinterest idea, a thick layer of newspapers.  and then we used leftover weed fabric.

there is no during pictures.  only before and after.  why?  because it was so much damn work i couldn’t stop to grab the camera or i would have died.  the husband drove the tractor to and from the pile of mulch we had delivered the other day to the garden.  he then dumped it in a garden cart for me to haul all over the garden.  then i spread it.  yes, husband.  you are officially blog notified, next time i drive the tractor!

needless to say halfway done i proclaimed that i wanted to change the plan for the day and go to the gym.  and we never did make it to the afternoon movie.  it is all good when we look out and see all our hard work.

i spray painted our super old and ugly tan flower/herb boxes.  i think spray paint makes the world a better place.  no joke.

our spring garden is doing great so far.  please ignore the weeds.  there is only so much we can do in one day.  there will soon be a garden weeding party.

talk about a last chance workout.  i am sore everywhere.  i am pretty darn sure that this day spent in the garden resulted in my 1% body fat loss all on its own.