time for the kiln

with only one more pottery class to go, it is time for my six bowls to go to the kiln.  the last class is all about glazing and i am super excited.  i have picked out my colors and combinations so will be prepared next week!

throwing was natural for me.  i loved every second.  trimming.  now that was a whole other ballgame.  i destroyed two bowls in the process of finding my groove.  and trust me, after you have worked so hard throwing your bowls, to have them fly across the room and be destroyed is heartbreaking.

but like all struggles, we must keep going.  that is right, i busted out some life lessons from pottery class.  with the close eye of my instructor, along with her encouragement, i finally feel competent in trimming.  which if you know anything about pottery, then you understand, trimming is what makes the piece.  so it is mildly important.

my favorite two bowls are below.

i am already planning my next course to take.