weigh in monday

the weight is not falling off.  i guess it is true that the smaller you get the harder it is to pull big numbers.  i am consistent if nothing else.  this week, two pounds lost.  my water weight percentage is almost 10 points higher than normal, ladies we all know what that means.  
here are my numbers:

weight loss for the week: 2 pounds
total lost since june 2011: 62 pounds
grand total lost since 2009: 102 pounds
total lost since turning 31 (2/6/12): 18 pounds
total % bmi lost since turning 31 (2/6/12): 5%
total weight needed to lose for jamaica finale trip: 28 pounds to go

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fun goals that are super close to reaching:

  • 11 more pounds lost and i will finally be in ONE-durland. 

fun goals reached this week:

  • i officially weigh less than my husband.  last week at weigh in we were to the tenth decimal point the same.  this week i weighed less.  this is a first in our 11 year relationship.  i couldn’t be more happy.
  • i can now wear a size 14.  my wedding dress was a size 24.  10 sizes down.  it is crazy to be able to shop in the regular size clothing sizes now.  i started shopping at lane bryant (plus size shop) in high school so this is a very big deal.

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what hurt me this week:

  • water weight. hormones. basically, being a girl. ha!  it is that time of month where there are no excuses.  i can still lose weight, it just seems to be harder than normal.  i crave junk.  i lack energy to workout.  it is a hormone suck and it does just that, suck.
  • a small ankle sprain kept me from running and doing high-impact workouts.  i stuck to the elliptical and swimming for my cardio.  

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what i did well this week:
  • i ate really well.  i made healthy choices even when eating out.  i splurged here and there to keep me sain.  i found a new pasta dish that i will share that has fulfilled my emotional need to have a bowl of pasta in front of me to feel comfort.  
  • fresh mango and i are still best friends.  
  • tomorrow i get my 100 pound reward in the mail.  i can’t wait to try it and share all the details.  i am beyond excited!

and for the monday morning laugh … i do wish this was a delicious, calorie free pie.

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Tammi (tskiddles@yahoo.com)
Tammi (tskiddles@yahoo.com)

I am totally loving your blog... I just found it tonight thanks to a friend... I am on the weight loss journey myself and had started writing a blog.... but never keep it up to date. I am doing the "paleo" nutrition route and working out 5 days a week (started almost 2 months ago) ... I can sooo relate to the female comment I have the same problem this week no energy to work out at all!... thank so much for the motivation.