weigh in monday

100 pounds. one hundred pounds.  cien libras.  cent livres.  cento sterline.

no matter how you say it.  how you pronounce it.  no matter the language.  i have officially lost 100 pounds!  it is a bit overwhelming while a bit underwhelming at the same time.

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i had envisioned reaching this goal and feeling somehow, different.  and i do but not like i had imagined.  it is like when you are kid and you thought you would have it all figured out by the time you were 25.  and then you turned 25 and thought, jeez i don’t know anything.  maybe it is because i still have a lot of work to do.  thirty more pounds to get off before jamaica and then not quite finished.  maybe it is the realization that i will never actually be “finished.”  yes, i will begin the maintaining instead of the losing weight but i won’t be finished with watching what i eat.

this week has been difficult but different in many ways.  i only lost two pounds, an important two pounds mind you, but still just two pounds.  not enough to reach my goal in time for jamaica.  i spent five days at the gym, resulting in nine hours of workout time.  more than i have before.  i ate great.  lots of vegetables and not any over eating/out of control moments.  but still only two pounds.  i faced the hard truth that i will never look at an easter candy isle and not long for the entire box of reese’s eggs to find their way into my cart.  i will probably not be satisfied with  just one either.

this week, losing 100 pounds is bittersweet.  i thought it would mean that i had it all under control.  that if i lost 100 pounds i would be immune to temptations.  but i am not.  it is a struggle.  it has always been a struggle and will continue to be one.  thankfully i have learned so many tools to offset temptations, like working out and portion control.  thankfully i have learned that i am worth the hard work.  i am worth it.

here are my numbers:
weight loss for the week: 2 pounds
total lost since june 2011: 60 pounds
grand total lost since 2009: 100 pounds
total lost since turning 31 (2/6/12): 16 pounds
total % bmi lost since turning 31 (2/6/12): 4%
total weight needed to lose for jamaica finale trip: 30 pounds to go

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fun goals that are super close to reaching:
i am officially at the weight i was when the husband and i first met.  in 2001.
i have lost a grand total of 100 pounds!
13 more pounds lost and i will finally be in ONE-durland. 

what hurt me this week:

  • my own frustrations.  i started lifting weights this week.  i took a strength class using resistance and more weights.  when i was weighing myself for most of the week, i was gaining weight.  when you are eating the right calories.  exercising.  and watching the scale go up it is very defeating.  without the constant, and i mean constant, encouragement from my husband i would have totally lost it.  i have added a new number measurement … % body fat.  our scale measure my body fat percentage and i just haven’t paid that much attention to it.  apparently i should.  maybe even more than the actual pounds.  this week alone since adding weights into my workout routine, i lost 2% of my body fat.  that is huge.  
what i did well this week:
  • i stayed on track.  i stayed focused despite the above frustrations.
  • fresh mango was on sale and i have probably eaten half a dozen.  i love fresh mango and the chickens love the scraps.  it is a win, win.
i am really looking forward to my 100 pound reward arriving any day now.  until then, i am keeping it mum. 

CONGRATULATIONS! This is an awesome milestone! And keep up the weight-training. When I first started doing it I gained almost 5 lbs, but then after about 2 weeks lost all 5 and then some. Ever since it's been much easier for me to stay at a goal weight - it really does help!


I am so very proud of you and happy for you....I myself, still a work in progress.