weigh in monday

blarg. that is the best word i can come up with as i recap this past week.  no excuses for why i only lost 1 pound this week.  bad choices were made over several days.  by the time i found strength to make good ones, it was friday.  only three days to lose the three pounds i had gained and to possibly lose anything for the week.  i guess i should be thankful for the one pound loss.

i have learned that i think about food completely differently than my husband.  maybe there is truth behind a food addiction.  there was food in the house this week that is never in the house because of my husband’s wisdom teeth pulling.  again, not blaming anyone.  i made the choice to eat an ENTIRE CARTON of chocolate full fat, full calorie ice cream.  the husband forgot the ice cream was in the freezer.  every morning and night and, well, all times in between, all i could think about was the ice cream in the freezer.  it is a great lesson, one i wish i had learned a while ago.  i just can’t have food in the house that allows me to binge eat.  portions are my friend.  i am just not strong enough to measure out the 1/2 cup serving from a carton of ice cream.  it doesn’t make me a failure.  it doesn’t make me a bad person.

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i think last week i assumed i would hit my three pounds and officially be able to say i have lost 100 pounds.  nothing is a gimme.  it is hard work.  the first two pounds and the last two pounds.  it is all about the choices we make every single day.

here are my numbers:
weight loss for the week: 1 pound
total lost since june 2011: 58 pounds
grand total lost since 2009: 98 pounds
total lost since turning 31 (2/6/12): 14 pounds
total weight needed to lose for jamaica finale trip: 32 pounds to go

fun goals that are super close to reaching:
i am officially at the weight i was when the husband and i first met.  in 2001.
2 more pounds lost and i will have lost a grand total of 100 pounds!
15 more pounds lost and i will finally be in ONE-durland. 

what hurt me this week:

  • some emotional/stressful stuff going on that i had to work through regarding work.  a long home study day of traveling.  court.  all are emotional triggers for me.
  • having food in the house that i can’t control.

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what i did well this week:

  • i pulled myself together and friday morning i started the week over.  i realized that i am not a bad person for making bad decisions.  everyday, every meal, is an opportunity to make a healthy choice.
  • i am back at the gym. two times this week. i also went running saturday in our neighborhood.
  • i found a new recipe for baked cabbage that i am in love with.  i seriously ate just cabbage for dinner for the last two nights because it was so delicious.  i will share once i have take some pictures.  if you like cabbage, you will not be disappointed.
so yes, it was a disappointing week.  but i learned a lot and i am okay.  it is a new week. and because i like to start each week with a laugh here ya go …

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