weigh in monday

first up an update on my husband.  i would like to thank you all for your kind comments, emails, facebook messages, and phone calls.  i have shared each one of them with him.  if you don’t know, my husband had his wisdom teeth removed on friday and all went well.  he was in a great deal of pain friday but since then has been recovering and doing well.  today he is tapering off the pain meds and tomorrow he will head back to work.  i must say i have enjoyed taking care of him.  he is hardly ever sick.  never hurt.  so this was probably the first time in eleven years that i got to “nurse” him back to health.  lots of pudding.  i found dark chocolate oatmeal.  and eventually black bean soup.  and, of course, some cookies.  both homemade and girl scout thin mints.  i am thinking today i will make some brownies to conclude the complete spoiling.  plus he can take the leftover brownies to work tomorrow!

so its monday which means weigh in day.  holy geez it has been a difficult week.  i knew after losing 5 pounds last week i shouldn’t expect another big number.  but starting tuesday i apparently gained one pound and then every. single. day. after the scale never moved.  not even a decimal point.  same. f’ing. number.  every. single. day.  frustrating doesn’t even come close.  i was working out.  i was hungry every day and nothing.

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somehow after screaming every bad word i know at the scale over the weekend it started to move in the right direction. 

here are my numbers:
weight loss for the week: 3 pounds
total lost since june 2011: 57 pounds
grand total lost since 2009: 97 pounds
total lost since turning 31 (2/6/12): 13 pounds
total weight needed to lose for jamaica finale trip: 33 pounds to go

fun goals that are super close to reaching:
1 more pound lost and i will be at the weight i was when the husband and i first met.  in 2001.
3 more pounds lost and i will have lost a grand total of 100 pounds!
17 more pounds lost and i will finally be in ONE-durland.

what hurt me this week:

  • some emotional/stressful stuff going on that i had to work through.  it is amazing how important stress and sleep is when trying to lose weight.  last week i felt great emotionally (i.e. hormonally) and i lost 5 pounds easy.  it seemed like the weight just fell off.  this week, those 3 pounds almost killed me.
  • turkey jerky.  at trader joe’s i saw some organic, no hormone turkey jerky that caught my eye.  i don’t know if i have ever had jerky but i got it.  low calories and looked like a good snack option.  every day monday to thursday i had a little piece.  by thursday the bag was empty and i was looking it over and discovered soy sauce in the ingredient list.  all soy sauce, unless it says otherwise, has wheat in it.  i noticed that i was not “normal” and my stomach didn’t feel great but it wasn’t enough for me to be alarmed.  i thought it was just stress. i think this mistake played a huge role in the scale not moving.
  • my right hip/lower back is still really bothering me.  i haven’t been able to go running.
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what i did well this week:

  • stuck to my calorie intake even though i was starving many times.  i always do the hunger test in my mind to determine if i am truly hungry or if i am just wanting to emotionally eat.  because i am never going to starve myself, if my body needs food i eat.  i ask myself, “do you want a banana? what about an apple?”  if i am truly hungry then i will answer yes and then allow myself to eat the fruit.  but if say no because i really want something sweet or salty then i know i am good without eating.  if this is the case i will usually drink a large glass of water.
  • drank lots of water.  between the two of us, almost a gallon a day.
  • i am back at the gym. since i couldn’t run i did the following: elliptical, bike, and rowing.  i am in love with the rowing machine and my abs are still sore from the 5,000 meters i did saturday morning.
because this made me smile i thought i would share on this monday.

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