63 calorie reese’s easter egg! wait, what?!?!

is there anything better than a reese’s peanut butter chocolate easter egg?  that is a silly question.  of course not.  well, the christmas trees come a very close second.  but the eggs.  amazing.

in my mind, worth every single 170 calorie.  yes.  per egg.  170 calories.  while, i am completely in support of putting in the extra cardio minutes for the pure orgasmic satisfaction of a reese’s egg, i thought to myself as i was putting the extra cardio minutes in this week, why not make your own.  with substitutions.  you know how to do this.  you have lost 100 pounds for goodness sakes!

so i set out a plan.  i gathered supplies.  pb2.  dark chocolate.  (dark is good for you, right!) and an egg mold.  completely not necessary but fun.

i made several variations.  this is the fun part of making your own recipe and trying anything.  you never know what is going to work out the best.  the variations included (4) plain pb2 with water. (4) plain pb2 with water and yogurt. (2) chocolate pb2 with water. (2) chocolate pb2 with water and yogurt.

then freeze.  i left mine in the freezer for about 2 hours.  i probably could and should have left them in there a bit longer.  but with anticipation and other things to get done today, i just pulled them out when i could successfully pop them out of their mold.

and by successfully, i mean it is completely fine to have a huge thumb print in one of the eggs.

at this point i could already tell, the chocolate pb2 did not set as well as the plain.  the chocolate pb2 with yogurt was too soft to even try to dip into the melted dark chocolate.  the plain did okay but was a bit messy.  the plain pb2 with water (top row) did the best.

after melting chocolate and dipping the eggs, i placed on wax paper to let the chocolate set.

the results.  super yummy!  my opinion, the plain pb2 with water worked and tasted the best.  the husband had a different opinion, his vote was for the chocolate pb2 with water.  it was messier but tastier. i should put in a disclaimer that he is not a huge peanut butter fan. more of a chocolate is best with everything fan.

here is the recipe per egg:
1 tablespoon plain or chocolate pb2
1 tablespoon water
8 dark chocolate chips, melted

nutritional information:
1 tablespoon plain or chocolate pb2 – 23 calories
8 dark chocolate chips, melted – 40 calories
total per egg – 63 CALORIES

trust me, if you are a reese’s easter egg fan and you don’t need to gain weight, try these.  they have fulfilled every taste bud that desires the real thing.  and i LOVE the real thing.  that is how good these were.  this is a very happy girl.


Mine somehow was runny? with One to one ratio.. did you experience this? as soon as i took them out of the freezer they started to melt. Also how did you not make a huge mess when coating them in chocolate?

oursimplehappylife moderator

 @ElisabethMedinaSanchez The best consistency was the 1 tablespoon plain or chocolate pb2 with 1 tablespoon water.  The pb2 mixed with yogurt was much more soft but wasn't runny.  I stuck a toothpick in them to dip them into the melted chocolate which helped not make a mess.  I hope that helps!  My best suggestion would be to leave them in the freezer a bit longer.  For the "soft" ones, I ended up rolling them in a ball and dipping them in chocolate.  It was much easier than dealing with the egg mold.