a little comparison

i love before and after pictures.  they are amazing motivation. i was sitting here a little bummed out about my back and, honestly, more bored than anything.  i came across this picture of me and the husband after my first 5k.

and instantly had to compare to our recent 5k mud run.

i think we look good in mud.  and the fact that we have lost an entire adult person in fat helps.

while i am on the topic, i seriously adore my husband.  i know, yawn.  but i have to just say it.  maybe it is the drugs but i am a little sentimental because of these recent moments shared:

  • on top of completely taking care of the pups, mr. milo, and the chickens, he has followed me around with both ice bags and heating pads.  sigh.  every need is met.
  • that moment when i am sitting in bed with socks in hand.  just sitting there staring at my cold bare feet not knowing how i am going to reach to put my socks on.  without words he comes to me, gently kisses me on the forehead and puts the socks on my feet.  sigh.
  • that moment when i am trying to get ready for bed.  it has been a long day and i can’t bend or reach or do anything.  i am emotionally exhausted and almost in tears.  without words, he grabs one of his long sleeve shirts and helps me put it on and get into bed.  sigh.  what he must obviously know, although i don’t think i have ever actually told him, is when i am sad or just need comfort i always put on one of his long sleeve shirts.  i usually go for a specific alaska one. either he has noticed this trend or it was just pure luck, but it was exactly what i needed.  it was the best night of sleep i had gotten all week.
sigh. i love my husband.  more today than the day i married him.  true story.  i am so incredibly lucky and thankful to be where we are today.