adventuring, continued.

this past weekend the husband and i packed up for a quick trip to the north carolina outer banks.  with a romance package from groupon in hand along with reservations for hang gliding school, to say we were excited would have been quite the understatement.

it was an emotional weekend.  one of those weekends that can either bring you closer together or facilitate building walls apart.  one of the most difficult parts of moving forward after a miscarriage, for me, is when you get to “milestone” dates.  dates that you had planned out in your head, like how far along you would be or due dates.  during our most recent pregnancy we made a pact to not tell anyone until we hit the magical 12 week mark.  we quickly realized that it would be april 1st, fools day.  we thought it was just perfect.  well, it wasn’t.  soon after we miscarried and since have been moving forward as best as we could do.  then it hits us this weekend, april fools day.  it is these moments where our lives cross paths with what could have been.  it is hard.  it is emotional.  but, together, it is okay.

it is just layers of our weekend.  extreme highs and lows.  we are stronger as a couple.  we are stronger as individuals because of weekends like this one.  dealing head on with sadness and challenging ourselves with adventures while applauding ourselves at the hard work we have put in.

saturday morning adventure begins.

signing a four page waiver describing all the ways you could potentially harm yourself and/or die.

adventuring agrees with us.  along with 100+ pounds of weight loss.

helmet check.

successfully landing on my feet.  this only happened once or twice.  the other times i was sliding in flat on my stomach while wiping out the guy in the white shirt.  sorry instructor mike.

going down the dunes was such an incredible rush.  walking back up, not so much.

i love finding seaside dives.  tortuga’s lie was no exception.

proof that making healthy choices does not stop while on vacation.

sigh. he makes me smile.  rainy weather.  cold.  it doesn’t matter as long as we are together.

it was such an incredible weekend.  highs and lows.  it is life.  simple and complicated.  one of my highlights, aside from jumping off sand dunes while strapped to a huge kite, cuddling with the husband while watching a storage wars marathon on cable television.  it is the most simple things that bring such a calming peace.  i am so thankful for those moments.

and even more thankful for the moment when we walk through the door back home to three four-legged babies all excited to see us home.  (a huge shout out to our wonderful, words cannot possibly describe how great, animal/house wrangler. she loves all of our four and two legged animals like they were her own.  without the confidence in her, we wouldn’t be able to take these trips.  these trips have meant so much to us and our relationship moving forward from the heartache.  i can’t express how grateful i am for her!)

Bonnie Cook
Bonnie Cook

Well.. that shout out made me cry. I love you guys and am always so happy to be part of your adventures, even if my adventure are the furry and feathery ones going on at home. xoxoxoxo