finding humor

have i mentioned how grateful i am for all of your comments, emails, facebook messages, and especially phone calls.  seriously, a care package.  you all know how to make a girl feel loved.  and i do. so thank you.
today is a better day than before.  yesterday i managed to only take one vicodin so today the goal is to not have to take any.  i am still on the prescribed 2400mg per day motrin/ibuprofen anti-inflammatory along with the steroid.  so hopefully if i can make it through today without a vicodin, i can start to wean myself off the 800mg 3x per day ibuprofen.  fingers crossed.
a friend sent me this chart and it absolutely made me laugh out loud.  literally.  not the fake, LOL, which i always ask myself when someone responds with the LOL, are you “really” laughing out loud?  i really was.

i have an appointment tomorrow with a highly recommended acupuncturist.  i am beyond nervous.  i don’t think i have a fear of needles but the closer the appointment gets, the more nervous i feel myself becoming.

i am going to remain optimistic and hopeful that in just a short week i will be able to be pain free, relaxing on our private jamaican beach.  fingers crossed.