i love summer garden lunches

it is a beautiful thing when it is lunch time and i got outside to see what i can find.  outside being my garden.  in the bowl of color today was leftover black bean and corn salad from my beach trip.  each day it gets better and better.  the cilantro from our garden just gets stronger and i do love cilantro. i put the bean and corn salad on top of a huge bowl of fresh, cut by my own two hands, romaine lettuce.  topped with a little bit of fresh salsa.

no dressing needed.  the flavors were perfect.  and because i can’t seem to eat a meal without adding mango, i added a sliced mango for dessert.

colorful.  delicious.  naturally gluten free.  vegan.  very low calorie.  healthy.  eating real food is so much more fun than starving on a diet.