opening day!

it is the most wonderful day of the year!  MLB OPENING DAY!  my weekends are going to be less productive.  i have weeknight plans, every single night until october.

my husband is completely supportive of my excitement to see this guy every night.

sigh.  oh red sox baseball.  i do love you.  fenway park is my most happiest place.  truly. technically, opening day AT fenway isn’t until april 13th, it is still a magical day for any baseball fan.  oh one day i would LOVE to be at fenway on opening day.

i couldn’t help but take a quick stroll to last years memories.  best moment of the year, walking on the field.  his and hers.

i love boston.  looking at these pictures combined with the excitement of opening day, boy this girl is wanting to get back something fierce.

so much has happened during the off season for the red sox.  so many changes.  the captain is no longer playing.  tito is reporting instead of coaching.  papelbon, well, i don’t speak of him anymore after his comments about red sox fans.  big papi, jacoby (obviously, see first picture in my post), and pedroia are still around.  the players and coaches change, but it is still red sox baseball.  i love every second.

happy opening day to all you baseball fans!