tale of the white pants (weigh in monday)

exactly one week ago i got a pair of white linen pants.  my fat version self would NEVER wear white pants.  this less fat but still chunky version of myself is still unsure but they were on sale so i thought i would give them a try.  too tight.  my hips, thighs and ass were way to much for those pants.

i folded them and placed them in my procrastination ”to return” pile of clothes.

today, i started thinking about our upcoming jamaica trip and wanted to plan which clothes will work so i can start on a list of item i may need.  i thought those white pants would be perfect.  i thought maybe i would try them on again to see if i was close.

to my complete surprise they fit.  a little loose actually, which for linen pants is perfect.  exactly 7 days later.  the fit was completely different.  indeed my body is changing.

why do i share this tale of the white pants on this weigh in monday?  because in the same 7 days i have gained 2 pounds.  that is right GAINED TWO POUNDS!

i am not going to lie.  i cried.  but then i stopped.  i remembered the white pants.  i remembered that i have worked out 5 out of the last 7 days.  i remembered that i have done more weight training than ever before.  i remembered that i actually feel my body changing, in a good way.  i remembered this image …

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5 pounds of fat on top.  5 pounds of muscle on the bottom.  it is a myth that muscle weighs more than fat.  a pound is a pound.  period.  BUT fat takes up so much more mass.  5 pounds of fat weighs the same as 5 pounds of muscle but the fat takes up so much more space.

this is why my body feels different.  better.  this is why clothes are fitting me that haven’t fit me before.  the number on the scale has not really been changing since i started my weight program and this week it actually went up.  but my body feels better than it ever has.

so i stopped crying.

i am in a stage of building muscle.  which is exactly where i should be.  i want to be fit.  not skinny.  i like being in the gym and lifting weights.  i like feeling strong.  the weight will continue to come off.  i am eating great.  i am doing lots of cardio.  and i will not stop building muscle.  i just have to continue this path of health.

today was frustrating.  but i will take that frustration out on my run.

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true story: those linen pants. size 14. (my wedding dress was a size 24)


Yes girl! Keep building those muscles!