the numbers are in.

this morning i rolled, yes, literally rolled out of bed at 6 am.  onto our golden retriever, sam.  he was completely fine with this.  then i went through my routine and headed out the door by 6:40 am.  now would be a good time to point out i am not a morning person.  i strongly believe that no one should even think of opening their eyes before the sun rises.  but i did because i had a 7 am fitness assessment appointment at the gym.

and i was really excited about it.  i have been so discouraged lately and thought this would be the perfect affirmation that what i am doing is working.  and more important, to keep going.  the last assessment i did was in december of 2009.  it was when we joined our gym.  i had already lost 40 pounds at this point with my first personal trainer.  i would really LOVE to see those first numbers but alas i will work with what i have.

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the best news came first.  my personal trainer can now measure my fat percentage.  yes.  that is good news.  it took me a moment to understand what she was saying too.  when people are so large, as i was in 2009 they fat % contraption literally won’t fit on the fat.  so they didn’t do that measurement last time.  so i was disappointed that i don’t have something to compare but super excited that i can use the tools.  progress people.

one interesting note, the “ideal” weight for a 5’2 female is 108-121 pounds.  basically, i am pretty sure that was my birth weight.  but moving on.  my lean weight, or if i had 0% body fat, i would weigh 134.1 pounds.  yeah.  i don’t think the “ideal” is going to work for me.  now i do have a long weigh to go to keep that percentage going down but it is good to know, on paper, that the “ideal” does not apply to my body type.

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resting heart rate:  high fitness levels are indicated by a low resting heart rate.  in 2009 my resting heart rate was 72 bpm.  now, 52 bpm.  148% improvement and 28% lower.  this rate of 52 bpm gave me a rating of well above average.  lets review because i don’t see many rankings of well ABOVE average on fitness assessments.

next up was the submax bench test.  basically what is my max lift on the bench press.  we didn’t do this test before so i don’t have anything to compare but i will next time :)  today my max lift was 118 pounds which gave me an average rating.  i will take it.

then came the leg strength, static, assessment.  before in 2009 i had a ranking of well above average with my 263 pound lift.  today, at a 350 pound lift i was 33% higher and had an 8% improvement.  my personal trainer completely attributes my improvement in leg strength to my running route of lots of hills.  basically only running is how i have lost the bulk of my weight so it was good to see i have not lost strength, but actually gained strength in my legs.

on the flip side, running does not build upper body strength.  so, as i kinda predicted, my numbers actually went down.  i had a ranking of well above average before with my hand grip test reading 39 kg. now i am still in the same well above average category but my number went down 8% to 36 kg.  lesson: balance.  find balance in workouts and not sticking to just one thing.  for me, i am not concentrating on my whole body.  not just running.

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growing up i was always playing sports.  working out and lifting weights with my dad in the gym.  never stretching.  who stretches?  not this young girl.  this 30 something gal sure does.  but boy were my flexibility numbers horrifying in 2009.  in my reach over the shoulder assessment, where one hand is over your should trying to reach your other behind your back, i had a 900% improvement.  which sounds amazing.  but really just points out how terrible it was before because even with the 900% improvement i am still rated as “well below average.” ha!  improvement is improvement.  i will take it.

my BIG NUMBERS were the following:
thigh: – 4.25 inches
calf: -2.25 inches
arm: – 2.75 inches
chest: -5.25 inches
hip: -7.25 inches
waist: -9.25 inches

inches people.  inches.

total change in all body measurements: 40.75 inches

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my favorite eleanor roosevelt quote.  from many.  she is my favorite human being.  i thought it appropriate.  i am so incredibly proud of myself.  i never thought i would be excited for a fitness assessment.  i never thought i could lose the amount of weight i have lost.  i never thought i would spend three hours at the gym, happily.  as i did this morning.

i never thought i could become the person that i am today.  a person i am proud to be.


I've been following your blog for a while now - since I purchased something in your shop a few Christmas' ago. Words cannot express what an inspiration you are. Thank you for being you!!

Leah Dunlap
Leah Dunlap

YOU LIFTED 350 LBS????? Holy cow, Kelsi, that is so amazing! and inspiring - you are so strong. and 9+ whole inches off your waist? *WOW* Get it girl!


Leg lift! NOT arms, geez I can't imagine. But apparently I have very strong legs. Thank you so much Leah!!