there is mud on this race?!

saturday the husband and i strapped on our water shoes and drove to a motocross race track.  it was race day and a race like no other.  a 5k with 18 obstacles, designed by the navy seals.  no big deal.

i would totally be lying if backing out didn’t cross our minds.  it did.  we were so afraid of breaking something or getting seriously hurt right before our big jamaica trip.  i am kinda clumsy.  it was a real fear.  but this is the year of doing things we couldn’t or wouldn’t have done before.  there was no backing out.

and so we were off.  the husband is in the red shirt.  i am in the turquoise.  our running mate and friend that is very soon moving across the country is in the pigtails and black shirt.  the three of us made quite the team :)

just minutes into the race and people were already losing their shoes in the mud.

evidence that being tall was a tremendous advantage on this course.  this was one of the two obstacles i did not complete.  the husband did every. single. one.  i was so tremendously proud!

there was a lot of climbing.  we had a system.  the husband first.  so that he could turn to assist us ladies whom are vertically challenged.  see.  we all made a great team!

i love this picture!  it looks like he is literally pulling me into the sky.  it was for real high up.  no joke.  and going up was the easy part.  coming down was a lot more scary.

the one obstacle i excelled at.  the mud crawl under barbwire.  i should note it was real barbwire.  emphasis on real.  taller people had to lay flat on their bellies and pull themselves with only their arms.  shorter people (i.e. me) made it thought with a very low crawl.  up a hill and down a hill and through a flat portion, all under real barbwire.  it was intense.

oh, and there was some mud.

the last obstacle.  a giant slide into a pool of muddy water.

it was the most fun.  just pure fun.

the three that start together, finish together strong! this was before our final push to the finish line.

playing in the mud agrees with him.

i washed my hair 4 times before the water stopped turning shades of orange.

during the barbwire obstacle someone may have been having a bit too much fun in the mud.  it looks like the husband was the direct target of a “mud ball.”

it was totally me being mischievous.  he didn’t mind.  this day was filled with nothing but laughter.  and mud.  lots of mud.

i loved having my dad and stepmom come out to support us!  i did not appreciate the head to toe yankee gear pops.  not appreciated.  ha!

of course, retelling the war stories.

my dear friend.  this was our last race together and boy was it a great one to go out with.  i had such an amazing time running with you over the past couple of years and your support and encouragement will never be forgotten.  i am so tremendously grateful for your friendship.  i am so happy for this next chapter in your life and i know you will be so very happy.  but i will miss you.

and because it is also monday, weigh in day.  i will report that my weight was a big “no change.”  nothing gained.  nothing lost.  it is hard to look back after this weekend and say that though.  this weekend was a perfect example of how much i have changed.  and will continue to do so.

this race was tremendously fun because i didn’t feel like i was going to die.  i never felt like i couldn’t finish it.  i am becoming healthy and having a blast doing things i never thought i would do.

it is a pretty darn good feeling.