this wednesday is full of pure goodness

on thursday i am teaching my very first introduction to sewing course.  several ladies have been asking me to teach them to sew for quite some time now and i finally had enough confidence in myself to say yes.  i know i sew, almost every day now.  but i have never actually taken a class myself.  i joked with the husband and said the title should be “street sewing.”  literally, i learn by going and by making lots of mistakes.  so actually teaching should be interesting.

needless to say i am beaming with excitement!  the small group of women are coming out to the farm for the evening and hopefully will leave having learned something useful and with a pillow.  that is right, project for the night is to make a pillow.  of course, there will be lots of goodies.  food goodies that is.  so today i am prepping fabrics and making some treats ahead of time in preparation.  so much fun!

i also finished a birthday present for sweet little d.  my godson in georgia.  and, of course, i couldn’t leave out his three brothers or dads.  a box full of fun is headed south.

each balloon is filled with a small amount of dollar bills.  the birthday boy obviously has the most balloons in totally but there are several for each boy and i didn’t leave out the parents!

best part of this gift, it was super cheap to ship because it was so light.  and i saved on a card because i just used the balloons.  a little note for each.

we are off tonight for a sweet date night.  buddy guy is in town and we have great seats!  dinner and the blues.  what more could a girl ask for?