a beautiful day for a wonderful couple.

this weekend we celebrated with family and friends, my brother-in-laws wedding.  we couldn’t be more happy for the new couple and wish them a lifetime of happiness.  
here is the handsome groom himself entering the church. both of our little brothers are now married men. it is wonderful watching both of our brothers make these lifelong commitments. we couldn’t be prouder of the men that they are.

my handsome husband and his hilarious uncle ron.  i love weddings because i love catching up with family members that we just don’t see enough of.

the first dance as mr. and mrs.

a sweet moment between my brother-in-law and his mother.

the husband getting candid photos of the night.  he found me!

my dancing partner and myself.  my back held out long enough for me to do a little cotton-eyed joe, the twist and shout, and i couldn’t resist the chicken dance.

sweet cousins.

my handsome husband and his dad.  my father-in-law is wonderful and i love watching him and my husband.  they are so much alike and he has always treated me so wonderfully.  i should also add, these wilson men sure do clean up well.

the beautiful couple and my short self.

my fantastic aunts that i don’t see enough of.

the end of the night ridiculousness.


Kelsi, you look BEAUTIFUL!