back just in time …

we are back! officially we were back in the states late friday night. just in time to celebrate my brother-in-laws graduation from unc pharmacy school.  we couldn’t be more proud of you matt!

on the way over i realized that i have been around long enough to see matt graduate from high school, then undergrad and now graduate school.  it has been a tremendous pleasure watching him grow into the young man he is today.  and the soon to be married man.

so before i started going through all the pictures and memories from jamaica, i wanted to purposefully make note of this huge moment of celebration.

looking at the pictures taken on graduation day, i noted several themes.  one. it is obvious which person married into this family.  seriously.  for the upcoming wedding, i am going to be bringing a step stool.

matt’s fiance, beth, also graduated with her pharmd.  the soon to be married drs.  we are so excited for both of you and look forward to seeing you both tackle the pharmacy world.

of course, no matter how many accomplishments, our little brothers are always going to be our little brothers.  i absolutely love this picture.

i also noted, as i do with almost all pictures now, that somewhere in our photo library is a comparison photo.  i couldn’t help but take a look.  both the husband and myself have made such huge changes and it is so very clear when looking back.

here is the husband and matt at his undergraduate graduation.  just four years ago.

and this weekend.

and then the three of us four years ago.

just last year.

and this past weekend.  the dress (i still have it) i wore to matt’s undergraduate graduation was a size 24.  the dress i wore on saturday, size 14.  it was one of the first dresses i bought that was not in the plus size section.

needless to say, saturday was a full circle wonderful day. a celebration of what a difference four years can make. for us, witnessing all the hard work the husband and i have put in to change our lives.  and an amazing celebration for both matt and our soon to be sister-in-law’s graduation. 
i can’t help but get excited about our future and where we will be in the next four years.