day 4, the scrabble smack down.

we woke up to our fourth day in jamaica like all the days before.  to the beautiful ocean sounds, sunshine and breakfast waiting for us.  not for one second did we not appreciate the simple beauty of this place.

always the beekeeper is my husband.  while enjoying breakfast he spotted a bee in the pool water.  they are attracted to large bodies of water so they can drink it.  but occasionally they fall in and drown.  beekeeper husband to the rescue!

our day was spent lounging.  lots of reading.  lots of scrabble.  i told the husband to take my picture as i was handing him my scrabble play.  i told him i wanted to remember this moment forever.

i did go on to win this game.  not that i am rubbing it in.  these are just simple facts.  and considering that in the 11 years we have been together i have only won 4 game total, it is important to note the few wins.

proof that is not always sunny in jamaica.  even the rain showers are refreshing and lovely.

but the sun did break through the clouds for some afternoon kayaking for the husband.

and it proved to be another spectacular sunset.