finale trip, it is time to get excited!

it has been a rough couple of weeks. my back is not magically healed. it is still quite painful. but there are things we can’t control and things we can. i can’t control my back injury. i can’t control how long it takes to heal. but i can control my attitude. my happiness. and at the end of the day, i get to spend the next eight days with my best friend. nothing could make my heart happier.

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oh and the fact that we will be hanging out in our private pool in jamaica helps.

this trip is so much more than a vacation. if you have been following along you know how hard this road has been for me.  there is no guarantee that the rough parts are over.  the only guarantee is that i am here standing with my husband, stronger together than ever, and we are happy.  maybe for the first time, truly, unconditionally happy.

thank you all for your support. your kindness is unmatched and i am so very grateful.

now to finish packing. swimsuits and sun dresses.  for the first time i am the light packer!