friday photo dump

at the end of some weeks i have a random group of photos that don’t really have a blog post of their own but are memories i don’t want to forget.  so here goes, a friday photo dump.

so a break from the jamaica posts …

i haven’t mentioned my pottery class because, sadly, i haven’t been able to go.  since my back injury i have missed almost all the classes.  now we are at the end and i have only the few pieces i threw on the first two days.  yesterday i attempted to go trim.  after one piece i knew it wasn’t a good idea for my back. i should say that my back has been doing great since returning from our trip.  i have even managed to go for a couple of walks in the neighborhood.  i thought i could handle getting back into the studio but i guess it was too soon.

i did finish trimming my pieces and will be set to go for glazing day.

here is an example of the trimming process.  this is my first attempt at a mug.  i will put the handle on in the next couple of days.  before trimming ….

and after.

my pieces.  two large berry bowls, two random bowls, and one mug.  not too bad.

last night the husband surprised me with baseball tickets to our local triple a team.  the red sox farm team was playing and they have a couple of players that are rehabbing in the minors.  basically it was as close as i will probably get to seeing my red sox this year.  and like the professional team, their triple a team lost too.

best part of the night was running into one of my favorite fellow red sox fan.  whitney is not only a friend, but also mine and the husbands hairdresser.  if any of you are local and want a fabulous cut and style, let me know and i will send you her number.

sigh. i love him.

it is a busy weekend. my brother-in-law is getting married! i love weddings and it will be wonderful to see all the out of town family that can make it.  plus the husband is in the wedding so i get to see him all dressed up and handsome.

i hope you all have a wonderful weekend!