good friends. good food. simply, happy.

it is safe to say we have amazing friends. we are beyond blessed. we decided last minute to host an impromptu memorial day cookout.  technically it was not originally our idea.  the conversation went something like this:

dear friend melissa: hey kels, my family would love to come out to the country for a cookout. memorial day is right around the corner and that would be the perfect time.
me: best. idea. ever.

and it was.  our friends arrived bringing amazing food.  lots of toys for the kids.  and several were coordinating for the holiday.

i have mentioned several times about my soul mate.  not the husband but my for reals soul mate.  this is her.  adorbs.

the guys manning the grill. beef burgers, hot dogs, turkey dogs, tofu kielbasa, veggie burgers.  we had it all covered!

teamwork by new friends. not only do we have great friends but they seriously have adorable kids.  and i am picky about the kids i hang with.  these three are at the top of the very exclusive list.

lots of watermelon.  it is a cookout must.

the chickens were out and about enjoying the festivities.  this was moments before the sprinkler was turned on.  that husband is quite the trickster.

for a last minute cookout it was one of our best.  thank you to our friends that made the drive. we enjoyed yesterday so very much!