last day in paradise

our last full day in jamaica was spent trying to soak up every single thing we knew we would miss.  by this point our staff were our friends and we all were pretty emotional.  for breakfast, themogene made gluten free pancakes along with our favorite omelet combination.  i don’t know what it was exactly but it was spicy and filled with lots of veggies.  it was delicious.

we went snorkeling.  i rocked it.  apparently i have a hidden talent, the ability to snorkel.  it was a whole new world under the water and was completely mesmerizing.  i would like to point out there is a video of the husband first attempting to walk in flippers and go under water.  i DIE laughing every time i watch it.  he has threatened divorce if i post it.  so i did not.  but just know it exists.  and if you are ever visiting i will be happy to show you ;)

shaki and neville surprised us with a picnic lunch down in the gazebo.  our favorite place to be.  gluten free fried chicken, garden salad, and gluten free banana muffins.  fried chicken is a big deal in jamaica and on our first day shaki had mentioned this.  i told him it had been five years since i had eaten fried chicken because of my food allergy.  voila! he worked with my flours all week to surprise me with this.  i felt so incredibly special.

a very happy celiac girl.

can anyone spot my kayak loving husband? center, top of the page.

our drink of the day was our favorite for the week, mango.  no shocker there.  they grow their own mangos in jamaica and they were delicious.

our chef, shaki.  his laugh was infectious and the husband and i loved just hanging out after dinner chatting away with him.

our new family in jamaica, starting with neville who is standing beside me, then thermogene and shaki on the end.  it was such an incredible trip from start to finish.  i can not think of a better reward for all of our hard work.

i am so truly blessed.  two weeks home now when i start getting upset or stressed i turn on my jamaica pandora radio station and it calms me.  it reminds me of the entire days of doing nothing but loving every moment with my husband.