local eats.

and by local, i mean our backyard.  each year we become more and more self sufficient.  we are producing more vegetables, fruits, sweeteners (honey) and protein (eggs).  our first year gardening we thought it was fun to have one item on our plate from our garden.  the next year, most of the plate from our garden.  now, our entire meal is from our backyard.

the husband is the gardener and beekeeper.  i am the chicken mama and cook.  so far we have had a great supply of sugar snap peas and cabbage.  there have been many stir frys served up.  and did you know shredded cabbage is delicious inside of an omelet?  it is.  it gives it a nice little unexpected crunch.

and most recently we dug up our best harvest yet of red and yukon gold potatoes.  we grow some amazing sweet potatoes but haven’t had much luck with the red or gold varieties.  we were so pleased to see this large plate full of potatoes and onions.

garden fresh potatoes, major yum! last night the husband helped me in the kitchen. he was in charge of potatoes.  he sliced them in wedges, drizzles some olive oil, added fresh rosemary from our gigantic rosemary bush and roasted them in the oven.

to his potatoes i added some eggs.  we are officially gathering eight adorable eggs per day now.  so if you are in the area and are interested in local eggs just let me know.  more about chickens in a bit :)

voila! our dinner last night.

and since there wasn’t a lot of color i decided to add a green smoothie for us both.  blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, spinach, and vanilla unsweetened almond milk.