so many forms of love.

in jamaica our house had a stereo system that played everywhere.  downstairs on the ocean in the gazebo, check.  outside by the pool, check.  in the house, check, check.  we asked what the best local radio station was and it was played all day, everyday.

this song quickly became my favorite.  after a couple days, it became my anthem.  no matter where we were i would karaoke style sing it.  today i need to hear it.  i needed to be reminded of that special week and the happiness that i had.

the happiness in just being the two of us.  today i need to remember that i am a whole person.  i am not incomplete. a mantra that my husband has been kindly reminding me of today.

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being present today and trying to find simple happiness while making healthy decisions for where we want to be for our tomorrows.