waking up to the caribbean sea, day 2.

is there any better way to wake up?  the sunlight streaming through the window. the sound of small waves crashing upon rocks. i couldn’t think of a single way.

the beautiful view standing over the edge at our pool.  the ocean was so calm in the mornings and you could see the ocean floor.  it was magical to see all the activity below the waters surface.

breakfast always started with fresh fruit.  mangos, my absolute favorite. papaya. cantaloupe. and pineapple.  pineapple like i have never eaten before. they were small, white and tasted sweet and with a hint of coconut.  simply put, we devoured every last bit.

jamaican honey.  darker, stronger, and absolutely uniquely delicious.  this jar was empty by the time we left.

monday morning we headed out into town to visit one of the schools that the bluefields villas sponsor.  we were assigned the 3-6 year old group before we left.  one entire suitcase filled with goodies that the head teacher had requested.  everything from first aid kids to books to recess balls.

this moment was one i don’t want to ever forget.  i was speaking to one of the teachers and happened to turn around to witness this.  this little three year old holding the husbands hand.  she just walked up to him, no words, and held his hand.  melt. my. heart.

over breakfast dylan asked me why it was so important to go visit the school.  one of my earliest memories from school was when a group of people from russia came to visit.  i don’t remember why they came but i remember being mesmerized by their clothes. their accents. it was all so different and for the first time i realized there was an entire world out there.  it was the first time i thought about people other than the small community i was surrounded in.  i loved the idea of being what those people were to me, to these young kids.

plus, how can you not want to go play with faces like this one.

needless to say, this was a highlight of the trip.  i love giving back, even if it is the smallest gift.  i love meeting new people.  observing new cultures. it makes me realize that we are all a lot more similar than we are different.

back to the villas for lunch.  garden salad, gluten free muffins, and chicken curried stir fry with coconut rice.  i mentioned to shaki, our chef, that i LOVED the coconut rice the night before, so i got a repeat.  instead of water, he cooks the rice in cocount cream. sure, that is no calories. i should note, that i have gained 2 pounds the entire three weeks since my back injury.  i am pretty darn pleased.  lesson, portion control.  we ate amazing food the entire week, but it was definitely not american sized portions.

then relaxing by the water.  no better way to spend an afternoon. at some point neville brought us a mango and cantaloupe smoothie.  dear lord.

we both finished the hunger games series.  and started new books.  i love vacation reading. 
for dinner monday night, it was a real treat.  our appetizer was pumpkin wrapped cheese. the soup was red peas and vegetable.  red peas are the same thing as our red beans. it was yummy. then for dinner, oh my.  mango stuffed snapper with vegetable rice and sautéed vegs.  dessert, cantaloupe and lime sorbet. 
have i mentioned how spoiled we were?  because it was incredible.


First of all I love that this is a vacation spot that engages the community. Awfully cool. Secondly, tell me more about pumpkin wrapped cheese. That kind of sounds like manna.