weekly menu

tomorrow i will start posting jamaica pictures. i can’t wait to share! but first, getting back to normal. my back is healing enough for me to get back into the kitchen. i really have missed cooking.

so a weekly menu using as much from our garden as we can …

breakfast: banana smoothie (1 frozen banana, 2 tbsp chocolate pb2, 1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk)
lunch: bowl of cereal. i was craving my gluten free rice crisps.
dinner: i have no idea. i will scrounge something together that involves sugar snap peas.

breakfast: green smoothie.
lunch: scrambled eggs/egg whites. 1 slice udi’s bread, toasted.
dinner: spicy cabbage and chorizo soup

breakfast: yogurt fruit smoothie.
lunch: leftover cabbage soup
dinner: soy chorizo frittata.

breakfast: leftover frittata
lunch: green smoothie
dinner: asian chicken kebabs with side of sugar snap peas

breakfast: green smoothie
lunch: leftover cabbage soup
dinner: out and about rehearsing for an exciting wedding

saturday - wedding day for my brother-in-law!
breakfast: omelet with green smoothie
lunch and dinner: out and about.

brunch: pancakes with fresh berry topping
dinner: red beans and rice (plenty of leftovers to take me into the next week)

lots of mangos and other fresh fruit
tj’s 100 calorie chocolate bars