a windy city reunion.

this past weekend the husband and i headed to chicago.  i have amazing girlfriends that live just outside of the city.  we all met in guatemala in 2007.  back then, i was the only one married.  but they were both dating their now husbands.  in guatemala there was a lot of talking about the relationships we held dear to us back in the states.  both of these ladies are now married and i was so fortunate enough to be there with them on their big day.it doesn’t hurt that chicago is one of my favorite cities to visit.  i love the atmosphere, the architecture, the vibe is electric.  i love every moment.

since it was a short trip we decided to splurge and stay in the city, right on lake michigan.  the view was spectacular.  to the left, navy pier.

and to the right, soldier field.  i just loved watching all the sail boats in the lake. so calming.

our first stop was lou malnati’s pizza for lunch on friday.  this was the husbands favorite pizza last time we were in the city.  i had read they now offered a gluten free pizza so we were both excited.  lesson: in 2010 (our last trip to chicago) we hadn’t changed our lifestyle.  our eating habits were pretty gross.  we sat down to a gluten free pizza that had literally a sausage “crust.”  just thinking about it now is making me a little grossed out.  it was dripping in grease and i ate just one piece before i was completely done.

the husband ate barely half of his personal pizza and he had the same, over greased feeling.  it continues to amaze us how much our bodies have changed.

for dinner we wanted to sit outside in the beautiful weather and eat something light.  preferably with some greens.  i was definitely missing my morning green smoothie.  we opted for the park grill, mostly because there was a live bad and we could sit outside overlooking the bean.  it was perfect.

outdoor eating is one of my favorite perks of the big city.  the hustle and bustle of the streets. i love every moment.

friday night we walked upon a free orchestra in the park event.  just lovely.

third time is apparently a charm.  i can finally say i have been to “the bean.”

the husband had never been to navy pier so we walked and walked and walked.  still trying to burn off the grease and fat from lunch.  the ferris wheel is a must, even if you are scared.  like i was.  even though this was my second time.  i don’t like them.

but you get amazing views of the city.  and you get to snuggle with your love.  so it wasn’t all too bad.

saturday morning we woke up to another beautiful day.  a perfect day for sailing in fact.  thanks to my groupon coupon, we got an amazing deal for a 2.5 hour sailing excursion on lake michigan.  travel tip: sign up for the city you are going to visit on both groupon and living social. you can get great deals for when you are visiting that city for activities and food.

just moments before i got tremendously sea sick.  i took a preliminary dramamine and then another one on the boat.  i was popping anti-nausea ginger gum like they were going out of style. no luck. the problem was the windy city wasn’t producing very much wind.  and when on a sail boat, we were just bobbing.  for two. and. a. half. hours.

with my stomach still queasy we opted for a light lunch at jimmy johns.  i love their unwich sandwiches.  you can get any of their subs wrapped in lettuce instead of the bun.  super healthy, naturally gluten-free, and yummy.

we were close to a cupcake shop that had a huge selection of gluten free cupcakes. i chose a banana nutella and the husband went with bittersweet chocolate.  it was hands down the best cupcake i had ever had.  the best $3 spent all weekend.

saturday night was amazing.  i love weddings and i adore this couple.  it was so wonderful to see them so very happy and completely smitten with each other.  plus i got to catch up with caitlin and her husband, brett.  it was an simply an amazing night.

my favorite ladies.

sigh. i simply love him.

sunday morning we walked around the park outside our hotel.  enjoying the sunshine and the city before heading back home.  such a wonderful trip.