my dad

the older i get the more i realize what an incredible person my father is.  we have been through so much. and then some. and then maybe a little more.  we are fiercely protective. more stubborn as each year passes. competitive and unapologetic when it comes to complete honesty.  there has never been a confrontation that we walked away from. we are, in many ways, the same.

living in the same house these were all ingredients for complete disaster.  i lacked maturity and he lacked the ability to know what the hell to do with a teenage daughter on his own.  what i learned from those years, however, has helped shape how i deal with people today.  if a relationship is worth having, you must be able to communicate your feelings.  no matter how difficult the subject. because if you have love as a foundation and a commitment to making the relationship work, with complete honesty any misunderstanding. any frustration. any hurt can be worked through.

this might have been one of the best lessons my father taught me.  complete honesty with both yourself and your partner, family, friends, whomever is the only way to truly have a connected relationship.  i don’t view confrontation as a negative thing. i view it has an opportunity to grow into something stronger than before.

my father and i have not always been as close as we are today.  for many years, our relationship consisted of the required holidays and not much more.  the older i get, the more i have gotten to know him as a man, not just my dad.

it was my miscarriages that have brought us to a new level of closeness.  the husband and i both learned during these times who we could count on and, to be honest, those we could not.  my dad didn’t always know the right things to say. this was unchartered territories for all of us.  but he was consistent with his love.   consistent with his care for my well-being.  when i was so overwhelmed with the loss of my child, he was simultaneously overwhelmed with the pain his child was in. he always put me first. my physical health. i remember during these times feeling so many raw emotions but having the clarity of feeling a father’s love for his daughter. it was the best feeling in the world.

i was sitting this weekend surrounded by my husband, my father, and my brother. i realized how extremely grateful i am to be loved and protected by these three amazing men.  it is a pretty great feeling to know that they have my back.  unconditionally.

some other moments from our father’s day cookout saturday with my dad. a new york yankee waffle/sandwich maker wrapped in duke ribbon.  a gift loved by him, but hard to stomach for this red sox, nc state fan.

my little brother and myself. i absolutely adore the man he is growing up to be.

me and my handsome husband. life with him just keeps getting better and better.

i was in charge of desserts.  we were also celebrating a promotion my brother got at work, so i combined his two favorite things: chocolate chip cookie dough and cheesecake.

for father’s day, i made a grasshopper pie.  my dad’s favorite drink is a grasshopper so voila! both were yummy but the cheesecake was the crowd favorite. i will post both recipes later this week :)

my dad and stepmom.

thank you so much dad for, well, everything. i love you.