oh black beauty, how i love thee.

the vitamix did it again.  she continues to impress me.  dazzle even.  this morning was rainy and cold.  perfect morning to sleep late.  but i am battling depressing hormones so that is not an option.  days like this are difficult and i just have to keep moving.

we have lots of fresh basil ready to be used from our garden.  we are BIG basil fans, the more the better.  i have never made homemade basil pesto however. so this year was the year.  i looked to the vitamix and voila a recipe for basil pesto.

i collect the large leaves that were ready to be clipped.  rinsed and spin dried them.  (while i am touting products that i love i would like to add my salad spinner! serious love.)

the smell of fresh basil quickly filled my kitchen and all that seemed so sad in my little world suddenly seemed a bit more distant.

to the vitamix i added:
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup parmesan cheese
3 cloves of garlic
2 cups of basil
3 tablespoons of pine nuts

first batch was a success. so i used the remaining basil to make two more batches.  i will wait until i use the pesto to add salt and pepper.  the longer the flavors meld together the stronger they will get and the less likely i will need anything additional.

because of the oils and cheese it isn’t necessarily the safest thing to can.  but pesto freezes really well so after a little photo shoot these beauties headed straight to our freezer.

can i also add my love for turquoise mason jars with flowers inside?  the husband surprised me one night when we picked these flowers from our yard and put them in my favorite jar.  sometimes he literally takes my breath away with the most simple gestures.  i am so lucky.



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