renovation projects on the brain

we are gearing up for a major renovation in our neck of the woods.  i will take lots of before (current) shots and post soon. but this is my idea board.  where i want to go.  the husband and i love hard wood floors.  our home has about 2000 square feet of laminate downstairs and around 1000 square feet of very old carpet upstairs.  it is time to switch it up.  we are currently looking at several different vendors for reclaimed hardwoods.

our vision is something like these.

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we want a traditional, colonial farmhouse feel.  rustic and charming.  warm and comforting.  and strong. strong because the two huge dogs we own are going to give this floor a run for its money.

we are starting with the upstairs.  in our attempts to be more proactive in terms of baby making and planning we are taking steps to prepare our house for that day.  i have been inspired by a couple friends that are either adopting or preparing for adoption.  it is all in the way they are approaching their future, instead of “i hope to have a baby but i don’t want to jinx anything so i won’t buy anything” to “one way or another there will be a child in our future and we are going to prepare.”  failure is not an option for these couples and i so admire that determination and passion.

with this surge of confidence i have made a mind flip.  i have bought some cloth diapers.  i have picked paint colors for the nursery.  the nursery being a room upstairs that i NEVER go into.  whenever i do, i just cry.  so for three years it has been the cats liter box room.  only the husband goes in.  i don’t.  i can’t.  i couldn’t.

things are changing. i am taking charge and despite our miscarriage history, our infertility history, our pain, i am going to be optimistic.  one way or another we will start our family.  so we should go ahead and prepare.

our master bedroom and bathroom, also upstairs, is also on the list.  new paint. new wall. new floors (wood in the bedroom and tile in the bathroom).  new tiled shower.  this is all very exciting people.

here are some of the ideas rolling around in my head for the master bedroom:

we are building a wall to separate our bathroom and walk in closet area to the rest of the bedroom.  for the door, a sliding farmhouse door.  sigh.  so excited.

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 some artwork for above the bed.  painted by yours truly.

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the colors for our master suite have been chosen.  i wanted to get away from the brown tones that are in the majority of our home.  i went with greys.  they are neutral and soothing.  both feminine and masculine. and 30% off coupon at the paint store helped!

gray shingles by sherwin williams.
master bathroom color.
knitting needles by sherwin williams.
master bedroom color.

writing out all that will change is both intimidating and exciting.  we are doing the work ourselves.  my husband is a rock star and will be doing most of the work himself.  i can’t wait to get started.  and to finish.

tons of posts, pictures, struggles, etc. to follow.  it will be quite the interesting next few months.